11 thoughts on “WebDesignPoint Launched”

  1. Who knows. I mean http://www.microsoft-watch.com exists without problem, it seems. We’ll give it a go. :)

    Whenever I post a comment here, it automatically adds an http:// in front of my URL (the one linked to my name). You can see it in my first two posts in this entry. The first one I typed in http://www.pokeefe.com and on the second one it remembed all of my other info, my remembers the URL as http://http://www.pokeefe.com and if you come back again, it remembers it with three http://'s and so on. Just wanted to let you know.

  2. I had noticed the extra http:// value in the URL field. That’s because I had the default value set to ‘http://’. I kept meaning to fix it. Well, now I have.

    And yes, I have comments set for approval, but if you’ve previously had a comment approved, all comments afterwards are automatically approved. You must have used different info from the previous comments.

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