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Comment Spam Protection

I have switched from Akismet to Defensio for my comment spam protection. I don’t know if this will be a permanent change. The effectiveness of Defensio will decide that.

Therefore, if you find your comment is not being displayed, it’s quite likely that Defensio has treated it as spam. Don’t worry though. All comments marked as spam are availabe to me in a list so I can go through them and decide which ones are legitimate.

Here’s to a comment spam free blog!

Comments Temporarily Disabled

I’ve temporarily disabled commenting because there has been 100+ spam comments posted over the past few days. The built in spam filter isn’t working properly, so I’m going to have to find an alternative way of stopping it.

Once I do, comments will be turned back on.

Update: Comments have been enabled again.

I have installed a new plugin called ‘Bad Behaviour’ which I hope will resolve the current comment spam problems.

* Fingers Crossed *