WordPress + TwinHelix ‘IEPNGFIX’

If you are having trouble getting the IE PNG FIX from TwinHelix to work in your WordPress theme, make sure that you set the correct path to the .htc file in your themes stylesheet.

/* To fix IE 6 or less PNG issues */
img, div, span { behavior: url(wp-content/themes/your_theme_name/iepngfix.htc) }

If the relative path doesn’t work for you, try an absolute path instead.

/* To fix IE 6 or less PNG issues */
img, div, span { behavior: url(http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-content/themes/your_theme_name/iepngfix.htc) }

You also need to set the correct path to the image file in the .htc file.

if (typeof blankImg == 'undefined') var blankImg = 'wp-content/themes/your_theme_name/images/blank.gif';

Again, if the relative path doesn’t work, try the absolute path.

Once you have both paths set correctly everything should work fine. If you’re still having problems, chances are that the paths are still incorrect. Double check them and try again.

It took me a while to figure this out, so I hope this post saves you the bother.

WordPress Updated

After reading that WordPress 2.3.3 was an ‘urgent security release’, I figured it was probably best to upgrade. So I did.

I also took the time to upgrade all active plugins, delete the plugins I was no longer using and install some new plugins that looked worthwhile.

It took a while but I’m glad to have gotten it over and done with. I just hope that there isn’t another ‘security release’ needed anytime soon :)

Moving Hosts

I’m in the middle of moving hosts at the moment, so things will not appear quiet right at the moment. Everything will be back to normal soon… I promise!

Moving hosts is always a pain in the ass:

  1. You have to make sure databases have moved over properly – along with the fact that trying to move semi-large databases without shell access is a nightmare!
  2. You end up having to double triple check that you’ve uploaded all neccessary files.
  3. You inevitably end up forgetting something – which leads to you doubting yourself – which leads to you checking everything for a fourth or fifth time.
  4. The wait for domain name propagation is tiresome – I’m making this post on the new server.

I’ve probably forgotten to mention something else annoying about moving hosts, but I blame the moving itself for that ;)


See, I did forget to mention something. I reverted to the default wordpress style in order to be able to clearly tell when the domain name propagation occurred. I plan on putting the old a new design up soon.

Another Update:

The move has been completed. I forgot to mention that in the last update. Forgetful me ;-)


Today I upgraded Wired Vision’s copy of WordPress and Mint. Fortunately neither were too difficult. In fact, it took all of 20 minutes or so, to do both :)

Unfortunately, I still have several other scripts that have yet to be upgraded. Namely vBulletin (x2) and ArticleLive. That’s one drawback about running several sites :(

I’m pretty sure the vBulletin upgrades will go smoothly as I haven’t installed many plugins and haven’t hacked any of the code at all. Plus the fact that Jelsoft have put plenty of work into the upgrade process.

ArticleLive on the other hand is going to be a handful :( I had to do some extensive hacking of the source code to make Web Design Point standards compliant (even with it’s templating system!). This means I’m going to have to upgrade my local copy first, make all the neccesary changes (which will probably take a week minimum!) and then upgrade online using the changes made locally. Ugh!