Inishowen Holiday Home Redesigned

I’m glad to announce that the Inishowen Holiday Home redesign has been completed.

I’m also glad to say that it passed the W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional test.

The header uses the Automatic Image Rotator script to display a random image on each page load – which is kind of snazzy :)

A bit of simple PHP code was used to determine which page was loaded and change the nav menu accordingly so visitors could tell which page they were on – not that it is really that neccessary!

Overall though, I’m pretty happy with the outcome :)

2 Replies to “Inishowen Holiday Home Redesigned”

  1. It’s a nice design. Pleasing to the eye.

    One small thing is on IE the text at the bottom (if it is long enough to extend past the menu) it goes right against the bottom of the browser window. In Firefox, there is some padding, which looks nice. If that effect could be replicated on IE, it would look just as nice as it does in FF.

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