I Got a New Car

I’m now the proud owner of a new VW Golf.

It’s not brand new… I’m not doing that well ;) It’s got all electrics inside, a CD player, alarm and loads of other fun stuff. Now all I gotta do is work out how it all works :D

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3 thoughts on “I Got a New Car”

  1. Hi Keith,great to see you appreciate the Teutonic Technological Miracle (thanks to Uncle Adolf!)
    The owners manual in a V.W. these days, as I am sure with other makers as well,is like a mini Encyclopaedia.However if we are going to drive these lethal weapons we should at leats spend some time getting to know them and their quirks!I was still discovering new gizmos in my Polo T.D.I two years and more after bringing it home from the Regional Maternity.
    If anyone out there happens to visit my blog..take pity on me I am a newbie after all but am learning fast .Incidentally if there is anyone out there who wants to have a crack at designing my next site which is in gestation as we speak (write!) please contact me as I am having difficulty in getting web Geeks to respond .I guess maybe a course in Html is all I need to do it all myself?…safe motoring and DO arrive alive !

  2. On the way home from collecting the car last night I had to stop to put more pertrol (gas) in it and I couldn’t for the life of me find out how to open the lid to the petrol tank.

    I had to ask the person at the pump in front of me. Luckily for me he was a car salesman, so he knew straight away where to look :)

  3. Hi Keith ;that’s a bit of an embarassment alright..about the petrol cap!Not as embarassing as not knowing how to open the bonnet!.
    This interesting experience happened to me recently the day before the Driving Test of one of my pupils.We were in a new (ish ) Ford Focus and I suddenly remembered to double check with the candidate that he knew all about the new Technical checks on the test,which were introduced in February of this year.There was a stony silence when I asked for the bonnet to be popped.After much scrabbling even I could not locate the offending release latch ,which was hardly surprising because there wasn’t one! After phoning the main Dealer,owing to the missing manual, we established that there was no need to open the bonnet,since Ford Motors now come with a lifetime warranty(I wish !).It turned out to be very craftily hidden inside the Ford Badge on the outside of the bonnet.Ain’t Auto Tech wonderful!For anyone interested in more Irish Driving Tales and info..have a look at our Arrive Alive Blog @ http://astralmotoring.blogspot.com

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