Better Site Security Needed!

One of the websites I administer got hacked today. I’m not sure how they managed it because┬áthe password wasn’t easy to guess being an alpha numerical one. That’s not to say that my password was their way in, it might have been the server, the script running on the site or something else entirely. Thankfully the person that hacked it wasn’t very malicious. All they did was upload an index file overwriting the current index file, so it was easy to get the site back online.

Time for me to evaluate my site(s) security and to make sure all patches, upgrades, etc are all in place!

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  1. I believe one of my email accounts was hacked about two weeks ago at . Either that or my password got lifted or an email virus is sending stuff out from there. I changed my password but the stuff is being screened as spam before being sent to the single same email address of someone I’ve never heard of before. I’ll send a support email if it doesn’t stope this week. Anybody have any ideas?
    Thanks, Arthur Browning

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