Drop 800×600?

7% of my visitors use a screen resolution of 800×600 or below. My question to you is… should I drop that resolution from my next wordpress theme (which I’m about to start working on)?

I’m not sure myself. If it was less than 5% I would have for sure. But 7%?

4 thoughts on “Drop 800×600?”

  1. I would drop it. Why lose so much real estate for 7% of the visitors when 93% could benefit from it.

    The screen I use the most has a resolution of 1600×1200 (20.1″) and 800×600 sites look lost on it… I can litteraly put two full pages side by side. I know 1600×1200 is still high by today’s standards but most people nowadays use 1024×768+. Almost all new monitors support 1280×1024+ natively and laptops don’t go below 1024×768.

    And that’s without taking into consideration the “widescreen revolution” that is going on… :)

    Anyway, I’m sure that 7% will drop to 5% by mid 2007. And don’t forget that these users can always slide sideways… :)

    I thought of that too when developping my sites but I didn’t feel this was worth the sacrifices… However it does depend on the type of users visiting your site.

    I think what’s important today is to have a rich, good looking web site as well as a version adapted for small screens (cell phones, PDAs, smartphones, etc.)

  2. Deciding on whether you should still design for 800*600 completely depends on your target group. In your case, a webdeveloping blog, you could just drop it. Those 7% are not likely to be your real targetgroup: web developers.

    My first visit here by the way, seems like a nice blog to read.

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