AC Milan 3-0 Man Utd [Agg 5-3]

Man Utd were absolutely rubbish throughout the entire match. They may aswell not shown up at all. That’s how bad they were!

They gave possession away far too much, and were always second to the ball on any clearances. None of their ‘big-name’ players (Ronaldo, Rooney, Scholes, or Giggs) made any impact on the game whatsoever.

Utd were deplorable in the first half, but showed a slight improvement in the early stages of the second half – although they were still rubbish.

Once Milan scored their third goal Utd appeared to throw in the towel, even though scoring two goals would have brought the match into extra time. If they managed that, they might have had more belief that they could go on to win.

The first two goals scored by Milan (Kaka & Seedorf) were fantastic goals. Their third (scored by Gilardino) was fairly impressive too.

Overall Milan were by far the better team.

Let’s just hope Milan won’t let a repeat performance of that in the 2005 final against Liverpool happen again this year. Hopefully Milan will well and truly stuff Liverpool in this years final.