My mum and sister went into the city centre yesterday with plans to do some shopping and get their hair done. What they didn’t expect was to have to deal with a burglary!

Having parked in a multi-story car park, you’d think that the security would be enough to deter would-be thieves from committing a crime. But no…. not these thieves.

When my mum and sister arrived back to the car, they were welcomed by the sight of an empty space where the stereo used to be. The locking system on both the driver and passenger doors had been picked (don’t ask me how!) and the front loading cd player was gone.

When my sister went to the security hut to report the problem, two of the three culprits had been caught. The Guards (Police) were called but it turned out that the one that got away was the one that had the goods. Apparently, the theives were only kids… no more than about twelve years old.

The stereo was designed to allow the face to clip off, so you can bring it with you or hide it elsewhere in the car, but my sister forgot to take advantage of this feature. I hate to say I told you so, but I previously mentioned it to my sister on many occasions to clip the face off.

I feel bad for her, because I’m planning to get a new cd player myself :)

Car Audio Players

The cd player in my car has packed it in. At least I think it has considering it down right refuses to play any cd’s :(

Although I don’t really blame it. It’s been playing cd’s all the time for the past 5 years or so. It first began to signal it’s intent to pack in it by skipping every time the car hit a bump in the road. Then it began skipping on every crack in the road. Then it kept spitting the cd’s out with the error “CD ERROR”.

Anyway, my birthday is coming up pretty soon and mother dearest has agreed to buy me a brand spanking new cd player :D So I’ve spent the last few days researching cd players on the net, but I’m still undecided. If anyone knows of a really good one, I’d appreciate an email or a link. Bare in mind the budget is set at €250.

It’s got to be able to play MP3 and WMA files. And a detachable face would be nice too :)

Swearing Makes You Impotent

Swearing makes you impotent: official | The Register

If this is true then chances are, putting together this blog has had more of effect on me than the odd loss of hair :)

As crazy as the story sounds though, I have to admit that some of the women that live in the inner city who regularly use profanity (and smoke and drink lager, but let’s not get carried away), do have that masculine touch to them.

Not in their sense of dress, but in their attitude. You only have to walk around the centre of the city and give a strange look to one of them to get a response something along the lines of “What you looking at?” or “I’ll bleedin’ burst ya!”.

Anyway… personally I think everyone should try and use profanity as little as often.

P.S I wonder if WordPress has a bad word filter for the comments! I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough :)

Alternative Connections?

Just after uploading the new style for this blog, I went to go about my daily routine of checking the forums I frequent for new posts, reading my email, and what not only to find that my broadband (DSL) connection was caput.

You’d think that I’d have another connection setup to fall back on. Guess what? I didn’t!

At the moment I’m on a free three month broadband trial. Because the trail was with the same company that provided me with my previous internet connection, I was required to cancel the account I had with them and start a new one. Ridiculous I know!

So… being the nice guy I am, I cancelled the account while signing up for the trial. I never thought about the possibility of my brand spanking new (faster) internet connection failing on me. How naive was I?

Suffice to say, as soon as my internet connection was back up and running I headed straight for the next best ISP and downloaded their internet connection setup software. I don’t plan on making the same mistake twice!

So, as a word of caution to all you internet junkies…. make sure you have a backup connection setup, just in case.

The first of many?

Hello everyone!

I hope this blog finds you in good health :)

This is my very first blog item. How cool is that? The big question is… will it also be the last? I sincerely hope not. Surely I have enough going on in my life to be able to post a second blog item, don’t you think?

Well, we’ll have to wait and see won’t we?

Till blog item #2 ;)