Chelsea are Premiership Champions 2006

Unfortunately Chelsea won the premiership title again this year :( And to make things worse, they won it by beeting Man Utd! I’m sure the Man Utd players didn’t enjoy seeing Chelsea lift the title.

Hopefully next year Utd can bring in some extra quality players and pose more of a threat to Chelsea’s chance of winning the title three years in a trot.

As much as to hate to say it “Congrats Chelsea”. Oh, and good luck to Arsenal in the Champions League Final too!

Steve Staunton is the new Ireland manager!

Mother of god, what are the FAI thinking? We’re not involved in the 2006 World Cup, and now I think we may as well forget about the possibility of being involved in Euro 2008 too. I hope I’m proved wrong though.

I’d have much preferred Roy Keane getting the job, even though I don’t think he’s up to the task either. I hope that Sir Bobby Robson ends up being very influential in his role as that’s about the only saving grace about this whole appointment fiasco.

The Next Ireland Manager?

Now that the FAI have axed Brian Kerr as manager, who is going to take over?

Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Bobby Robson, Martin O’Neill, David O’Leary, Kenny Dalglish and Roy Keane have all been linked with the position. Personally, if it was down to a choice between those named, my preference would be:

1. Martin O’Neill
2. Sir Alex Ferguson
3. Sir Bobby Robson
4. Kenny Dalglish
5. David O’Leary
6. Roy Keane

Ireland Fail to Qualify

Ireland fail to qualify for the 2006 World Cup Finals.

“Shambles” was the word used by one of the commentators, and I agree 100%. Based on the display of the previous few games, we didn’t deserve to reach the finals. Simply as that.

We were unfortunate that our two most influencial players were injured. But after listening to interviews with other players on the team, they knew what was needed yet they failed to deliver.

Now, of course, there will be speculation as to whether or not Brian Kerr will should continue as manager, but in my opinion it’s time he stepped down.

Another Abysmal Result

First a 1-1 draw at home to Man City and now a 1-2 defeat (again at home) at the hands of Blackburn.

Come on Ferguson, get it together…. please!

You can clearly see that United are not the same team when Keano isn’t there. What are they going to do when he retires? Alan Smith certainly is no Roy Keane and never will be. He’s a striker, simplat as that. Quit playing him out of position.

United need to invest a lot in new players. Smith, Richardson, Park, O’Shea just aren’t cutting the mustard right now. We don’t need good players in a few years time. We need them now!

So, shell out the bucks Fergie (or Glazer) and put United back in contention.