My New(ish) Laptop

A few weeks back I bought a second hand HP Pavilion ZD8000 Notebook on eBay. The buying process went very smoothly, thankfully.

It’s got a nice 17″ display, but because of that it’s quite heavy. Overall though I’m very happy with it. But! I might not be holding on to it for long. Why? Well, I had originally planned on buying an Apple Macbook (or Macbook Pro), but I couldn’t really afford one. So while waiting for an auction to appear on eBay that I might be able to bid on, I decided to check out the Notebook listings.

Once I saw this one and the price it was listed at, I contacted my sister (who’s planning on buying a notebook) and told her about it. I said I would bid on the notebook if she might be interested in buying it off me. She said she would, so I placed my bid and won the auction.

Now I’m on the hunt for a nice, well priced Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro or MacBook Air :)

Windows ‘fails’ active virus test

“Live OneCare caught 99.91% of the known active viruses it was tested against. This left it vulnerable to 37 separate malicious programs.”

“Version 1.5 of Windows Live OneCare was co-launched with Vista and uses the same scanning “engine” as the security tools bundled with the operating system.”

I had always planned on waiting a good while (6 months minimum) before upgrading to Vista. This news has made me think about lenghtening that time before even thinking about upgrading!

Source: Windows ‘fails’ active virus test!

Motorola L6 – My New Phone

After some careful consideration, I decided it was time to get a new phone.

So, after viewing all available phones from all available networks, I eventually decided on the Motorola L6 from O2. It’s a nifty little phone with some good features!

I’ve still to figure out a lot of the features/settings, but I’m getting there :D