Laptops for under $100!

From the BBC Technology website:

Nicholas Negroponte, chairman and founder of MIT’s Media Labs, says he is developing a laptop PC that will go on sale for less than $100 (£53).

While this sounds too good to be true, Nicholas goes on to say

The device will probably be exported as a kit of parts to be assembled locally to keep costs down.

So, it’s kinda a do it yourself laptop :) I wonder if the instructions will be any better than the ones that come with kitchen units and stuff ;)

Sick of 56K

I’m back on a 56k connection since I cancelled my broadband trial and I’m sick of it already! Not only is it painfully slow but I can only go online after 6pm – otherwise it costs me a fortune!

I could sign back up to my old IOL Anytime account – which means I could go online during the day – but I don’t plan on it. Why? Because even then I’m limited to approx. 6 hours a day and it’ll still be painfully slow.

At the moment I have two phone lines in the house. One for the Internet and the other for normal phone calls. I plan on cancelling one of the lines and getting broadband (dsl) on the other. It should work out cheaper in the end.

So why did I cancel the trial in the first place you ask? Because I had nothing but trouble with the company and the setup of the trial. So I plan on going with a different company the next time.

Car Audio Players

The cd player in my car has packed it in. At least I think it has considering it down right refuses to play any cd’s :(

Although I don’t really blame it. It’s been playing cd’s all the time for the past 5 years or so. It first began to signal it’s intent to pack in it by skipping every time the car hit a bump in the road. Then it began skipping on every crack in the road. Then it kept spitting the cd’s out with the error “CD ERROR”.

Anyway, my birthday is coming up pretty soon and mother dearest has agreed to buy me a brand spanking new cd player :D So I’ve spent the last few days researching cd players on the net, but I’m still undecided. If anyone knows of a really good one, I’d appreciate an email or a link. Bare in mind the budget is set at €250.

It’s got to be able to play MP3 and WMA files. And a detachable face would be nice too :)

The Joys of AMP on WinXP SP2

So what’s AMP?

Apache, MySQL & PHP.

Why so joyous? Because it’s soooooo easy to upgrade them that even a kid could do it!
I’ll leave the decision of whether or not their is a hint of sarcasm in that statement up to you ;)

Honestly…. I don’t care what anyone says… it’s not all gravy. I spent the best part of ten hours upgrading today. I won’t go into the details because you probably won’t bother reading it anyway. But, if you are a web developer and are having problems installing Apache, MySQL & PHP on Windows XP SP2 feel free to give me a shout. I’ll try my best to help you out.

At least now I can get back to coding :D

Oh by the way, the versions I upgraded to are Apache 2.0.52, MySQL 4.0.22 and PHP5.0.2