My New(ish) Laptop

A few weeks back I bought a second hand HP Pavilion ZD8000 Notebook on eBay. The buying process went very smoothly, thankfully.

It’s got a nice 17″ display, but because of that it’s quite heavy. Overall though I’m very happy with it. But! I might not be holding on to it for long. Why? Well, I had originally planned on buying an Apple Macbook (or Macbook Pro), but I couldn’t really afford one. So while waiting for an auction to appear on eBay that I might be able to bid on, I decided to check out the Notebook listings.

Once I saw this one and the price it was listed at, I contacted my sister (who’s planning on buying a notebook) and told her about it. I said I would bid on the notebook if she might be interested in buying it off me. She said she would, so I placed my bid and won the auction.

Now I’m on the hunt for a nice, well priced Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro or MacBook Air :)

New Computer Desk & Chair

About a week ago I bought myself a new computer desk and chair.

The desk came in a flat pack state, so I had to assemble it myself, which took me hours because of the usual lack of information in the assembly leaflet. It took me about 45 minutes just to figure out which piece was which!

Now that it’s assembled though I’m very happy with it. Much more room for my two monitors and desktop towers :) Yay!

What I’m not happy with is the chair. It’s very low in comparison to my old chair, so I have stuck to using the old chair for the time being. I’m sure, over time, I’ll switch to the new one.

Quick Rant about Computer Ads on TV

I just have to vent a bit about this. Bear with me ;)

Everytime an ad comes on television for Dell or another computer retail store they always start the ad by saying “Powered by an Intel Pentium IV Processor”.

Why? Argh! What good is that to me? It doesn’t tell me the actual speed of the processor. For all I know it could be a 2.4Ghz PC or maybe it’s a top of the range 3.7Ghz PC. But there’s no way for me to tell for sure.

Please stop trying to impress people with high-tech mumbo jumbo and give the full processor details!

Ok, rant over for another while ;)