Firefighters seeking ‘protection’

When watching a program on tv last night I was appauled at what I was seeing and hearing. Firefighters in Northern Ireland are receiving prank calls… but ones with a terrible twist. The pranksters are reporting fires in remote areas and cul-de-sac’s only to ambush the firefighters when they arrive.

The youths are masked and some even carry knives! But it gets worse. Now they look for abandoned and derelict buildings and when they find one they break inside and rip up the floorboards just inside the door, then cover over the hole that’s left with carpet or a mat, hoping to cause a firefighter to fall through into the basement!

On the program they had footage of some of the attacks. They were having stones, wooden planks, road cones, glass bottles and all other sorts of things being thrown at them. And this is all supposedly in the name of fun.

My god… what is the world coming too?

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