The Next Ireland Manager?

Now that the FAI have axed Brian Kerr as manager, who is going to take over?

Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Bobby Robson, Martin O’Neill, David O’Leary, Kenny Dalglish and Roy Keane have all been linked with the position. Personally, if it was down to a choice between those named, my preference would be:

1. Martin O’Neill
2. Sir Alex Ferguson
3. Sir Bobby Robson
4. Kenny Dalglish
5. David O’Leary
6. Roy Keane

Ireland Fail to Qualify

Ireland fail to qualify for the 2006 World Cup Finals.

“Shambles” was the word used by one of the commentators, and I agree 100%. Based on the display of the previous few games, we didn’t deserve to reach the finals. Simply as that.

We were unfortunate that our two most influencial players were injured. But after listening to interviews with other players on the team, they knew what was needed yet they failed to deliver.

Now, of course, there will be speculation as to whether or not Brian Kerr will should continue as manager, but in my opinion it’s time he stepped down.

Keane Suffers Broken Foot

Keane suffers broken foot

Bad news. Really bad. Not just for United but also for the Republic of Ireland.

He’s the glue that holds both teams together. This makes Ireland’s chances of qualifying for the World Cup much much harder.

The fact that’s it a metatarsal bone probably means he won’t be able to rush it. The last thing he needs to is rush back from an injury like this. If he does, it could mean a premature end to his career – which is not what any Ireland or United fan wants!

Roll on next Saturday!

The Premiership starts up again on Saturday August 13th :D

I’m looking forward to there being footie on the tv again. The Confederations Cup helped ease the pain this summer ;)

Man Utd have to face considerable opposition in Everton for their fist game back, but I’m sure they’ll manage a win. It was nice to read that Rio Ferdinand signed a new contract too.

Here’s to a new season and some great football.

FA Cup Final 2005

This is it. Man Utd’s only chance at silverware this season. They proved last year that they could do it and I’m sure they can do it again this year.

It’s good to know that we have our star striker (Van Nistelrooy), but that Arsenal don’t (Henry). I just hope that the game doesn’t have the kind of incidents that have occurred between the two in the past. I hope every one of the Utd players keeps their cool and avoids any red cards.

Good luck Man Utd – I have faith in you!

Update: Arsenal won on penalties! They didn’t deserve to though. Utd were by far the better team on the day. I think Utd had about 8 shots on target compared to 1 for Arsenal.

History was made today too, as this was the first ever FA Cup Final to go to penalties.

No silverware this year. Bring on next season.