Never Too Old

At the age of 100 most people would think about winding down rather than downloading – but not Sidney Platt.

Mr Platt has embarked on his latest information technology course – at Havering College, East London – so he can better manage his finances.

Centenarian takes computer course

I’m impressed! It’s nice to see that you can teach an old dog new tricks :D

The Dreaded Reformat

My computer is getting to the stage where I think the best thing to do is to reformat it. It’s always been something I’ve dreaded having to do. Will I remember to backup everything I want to keep? You just know there will be something you missed, like your internet bookmarks or some application preferences stored in some obscure file in some obscure folder on your HD.

What should be on your to-do list before reformatting your computer? Is there any specific ritual you go through? Please enlighten me!