My Beamer passed its NCT :-)

It’s only been a few months since I changed cars. A couple of weeks ago I had to take it for the National Car Test. It failed :(

Thankfully, the things it failed on were not very major. I got them fixed and brought it back for a re-test today and it passed without any problems.

So the car is good to go until the next test, which isn’t until August 2009.

My car passed its National Car Test

My car passed it’s NCT on Monday. Yay!

Although I have to admit, it was only after a re-test. It failed the full test a few weeks back, because the carbon emissions were too high :(

That required me having to spend nearly €400 to get a new sensor put into the car. I know! €400 just for a sensor and the labour cost to have it installed. Ridiculous, but necessary at the same time.

Having passed the NCT will help when it comes time to sell it, which, if I get my way won’t be that far down the line.

I’m hoping to get a nice BMW 316 or 318 fairly soon. Fingers crossed :)