Don’t be greedy!

While having a drink one of the nights, I started playing online poker courtesy of A dangerous combination! I was playing for fake money and was doing very well so I decided to up the ante and play for real money.

After purchasing $10 worth of chips away I went to make my fortune. I started off really well and ended up at approx $140. That’s where the greed kicked in. I started to end up staying in most of the rounds in the hopes of getting a good hand and win a tidy pot.

I didn’t have such luck.

Before I knew it my chips had dropped to about $20 :(

I don’t plan on letting my greed get the better of me in the future, that’s for sure. I’m going to continue to play for real money, but have set myself a guideline. Any time I reach $100 (if I ever do again), I will bank $75 of it and start again with the remaining $25.

Maybe I should bank $90 and start with $10 or is that being greedy? :)