WordPress Updated

After reading that WordPress 2.3.3 was an ‘urgent security release’, I figured it was probably best to upgrade. So I did.

I also took the time to upgrade all active plugins, delete the plugins I was no longer using and install some new plugins that looked worthwhile.

It took a while but I’m glad to have gotten it over and done with. I just hope that there isn’t another ‘security release’ needed anytime soon :)

Windows ‘fails’ active virus test

“Live OneCare caught 99.91% of the known active viruses it was tested against. This left it vulnerable to 37 separate malicious programs.”

“Version 1.5 of Windows Live OneCare was co-launched with Vista and uses the same scanning “engine” as the security tools bundled with the operating system.”

I had always planned on waiting a good while (6 months minimum) before upgrading to Vista. This news has made me think about lenghtening that time before even thinking about upgrading!

Source: Windows ‘fails’ active virus test!

Better Site Security Needed!

One of the websites I administer got hacked today. I’m not sure how they managed it because the password wasn’t easy to guess being an alpha numerical one. That’s not to say that my password was their way in, it might have been the server, the script running on the site or something else entirely. Thankfully the person that hacked it wasn’t very malicious. All they did was upload an index file overwriting the current index file, so it was easy to get the site back online.

Time for me to evaluate my site(s) security and to make sure all patches, upgrades, etc are all in place!


My mum and sister went into the city centre yesterday with plans to do some shopping and get their hair done. What they didn’t expect was to have to deal with a burglary!

Having parked in a multi-story car park, you’d think that the security would be enough to deter would-be thieves from committing a crime. But no…. not these thieves.

When my mum and sister arrived back to the car, they were welcomed by the sight of an empty space where the stereo used to be. The locking system on both the driver and passenger doors had been picked (don’t ask me how!) and the front loading cd player was gone.

When my sister went to the security hut to report the problem, two of the three culprits had been caught. The Guards (Police) were called but it turned out that the one that got away was the one that had the goods. Apparently, the theives were only kids… no more than about twelve years old.

The stereo was designed to allow the face to clip off, so you can bring it with you or hide it elsewhere in the car, but my sister forgot to take advantage of this feature. I hate to say I told you so, but I previously mentioned it to my sister on many occasions to clip the face off.

I feel bad for her, because I’m planning to get a new cd player myself :)