Free WordPress Theme

For all the WordPress users out there, I’ve created a new theme that’s available for download here.

I decided to call it Lonely Road based on the image in the header. I’m sure a more appropriate named could have been chosen, but hey.

To use it on your site, download the zip file, unzip it and upload the lonelyroad folder to the wp-content/themes/ folder. Then go to your admin control panel > presentation > and click the ‘activate theme’ button for the theme.

It has been tested on IE 6, FF 1.0.7, Opera 8 and NS 8, but not Safari as I don’t have a Mac.

Although the theme is free, I do ask that you keep the link to this site in the footer.

Upgrade Complete

Wired Vision has been successfully upgraded to WordPress v1.5.

While the upgrade itself was pretty straight forward, the additional pages that I added myself took a bit of time to get right because of the introduction of “themes”.

The admin control panel has had some slight modifications. The addition of the “Dashboard” as the homepage when you log in is a good idea, but I’d prefer an option to disable it :) Other than that I’ve no complaints. Job well done!