Celebrity Big Brother 2008 Cancelled!

A few weeks ago I gave my opinion on Big Brother 8, where I said I hoped it would be taken off the air. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Instead the next best thing did :D

Channel 4 will not screen Celebrity Big Brother next year, as part of a major programming shake-up designed to refresh the network and reaffirm its public service broadcasting credentials. Celebrity Big Brother has been one of the channel’s biggest-rating shows in recent years and has become a regular fixture of the winter schedule. But Channel 4 said today that it would be rested in 2008.


Big Brother 8

Big Brother 8 has started, which means that now I can essentially forget about even turning over to Channel 4 or E4 at all for the next god knows how many weeks! It’s such a stupid programme and a complete waste of TWO channels. How anyone can watch a bunch of nobody’s do nothing but lounge around and talk crap all day is beyond me!

I can only pray that something so bad happens this time around that they’re forced to take it off air and never show it again. <fingers crossed>