From iGoogle to Netvibes

For the last several months my Firefox homepage was set to iGoogle, which had 15-20 RSS feeds being shown through the Google Reader gadget (for want of a better word), as well as some seperate feeds being displayed on their own.

I was happy with it. It did the job. But, the thing about it that bothered me, was the process of adding, deleting, editing, or renaming feeds, but I persisted. Each time I needed to run one of these tasks I had to go through the Google Reader site itself. That meant having to wait for the site to load, clicking through to ‘Manage Subscriptions’, making the necessary changes, clicking ‘Back to Google Reader’ (to make sure the changes were submitted correctly) and then going back to my homepage.

That wasn’t too bad when I only had 15-20 feeds to work with, but once I started adding more and more feeds, it became a real problem. I needed a new way of managing my feeds.

I had known about Netvibes for months and had visited the site on more than one occasion, but never felt the need for the service. I did now. Once I visited the site and had a play around with it for a while, I was hooked!

The level of flexability is fantastic. I’m not going to mention all the things I like about it because it would take too long ;)

What I will mention are the two or three things which I’m not that keen on.

  1. The tooltip/balloons that appear when you hover over a title – I have a disliking towards things that pops up without my prior consent. Maybe the pop-up ads of old are to blame for that :)
  2. The relatively slow load time – I guess this is to be expected when you have 10 tabs containing two or more feeds (and one that contains nearly 50 feeds).
  3. The splash page – which I’m guessing will be taken down after this version is out of beta.

That said, I’m pretty sure Netvibes is going to remain my homepage for a long time to come.

If you need a good way of managing your RSS feeds, I really suggest you try it for yourself.