Steve Staunton is the new Ireland manager!

Mother of god, what are the FAI thinking? We’re not involved in the 2006 World Cup, and now I think we may as well forget about the possibility of being involved in Euro 2008 too. I hope I’m proved wrong though.

I’d have much preferred Roy Keane getting the job, even though I don’t think he’s up to the task either. I hope that Sir Bobby Robson ends up being very influential in his role as that’s about the only saving grace about this whole appointment fiasco.

Out of Europe

A disappointing exit from the Champions League again this year.

I really thought we would have been strong enough to beat AC Milan. One player in particular that I was very disappointed in was Wayne Rooney. He didn’t seem to show any desire to win. He very rarely closed down the opposition and made very few worthwhile runs off the ball. It was if he had given up on the fight before the second leg even started.

Maybe next year we’ll have better luck…. just maybe!