Swearing Makes You Impotent

Swearing makes you impotent: official | The Register

If this is true then chances are, putting together this blog has had more of effect on me than the odd loss of hair :)

As crazy as the story sounds though, I have to admit that some of the women that live in the inner city who regularly use profanity (and smoke and drink lager, but let’s not get carried away), do have that masculine touch to them.

Not in their sense of dress, but in their attitude. You only have to walk around the centre of the city and give a strange look to one of them to get a response something along the lines of “What you looking at?” or “I’ll bleedin’ burst ya!”.

Anyway… personally I think everyone should try and use profanity as little as often.

P.S I wonder if WordPress has a bad word filter for the comments! I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough :)

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