Sick of 56K

I’m back on a 56k connection since I cancelled my broadband trial and I’m sick of it already! Not only is it painfully slow but I can only go online after 6pm – otherwise it costs me a fortune!

I could sign back up to my old IOL Anytime account – which means I could go online during the day – but I don’t plan on it. Why? Because even then I’m limited to approx. 6 hours a day and it’ll still be painfully slow.

At the moment I have two phone lines in the house. One for the Internet and the other for normal phone calls. I plan on cancelling one of the lines and getting broadband (dsl) on the other. It should work out cheaper in the end.

So why did I cancel the trial in the first place you ask? Because I had nothing but trouble with the company and the setup of the trial. So I plan on going with a different company the next time.