The Most Satisfaction?

While I enjoy most aspects of creating a website, the one part I enjoy the most is creating the initial design. I love tinkering about in Photoshop trying different colours, fonts, filters, and the likes.

I always feel good after I’ve completed a new design. I can’t say the same about coding. After I’m done coding a site/page I feel more relief than anything – relief that it’s done. But when I’m designing I’m always enthusiastic or excited. It’s a really nice feeling knowing you’ve created something new… fresh… never seen before.

What part of creating or running a website gives you the most satisfaction (not including the monetary aspect)? Is it creating the design or coding the HTML/CSS afterwards? What about search engine marketing or writing the content?

2 thoughts on “The Most Satisfaction?”

  1. well, i can’t come up with designs – if i could it would definitely be the most satisying part! :)

    but from the psd file handed to me to the finished site, the most satisfying part for me is the cutup – bringing life to the graphic transforming into a web page in the best way i can.

    it can be annoying too – getting everything to line up right, especially in more than one browser! but tinkering around with css is what i love best :)

  2. Hi Janine.

    It’s nice to meet a girl from Ireland that’s into web design :)

    I like your site by the way.

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